How to Prevent Concrete Weathering

Concrete is generally regarded as durable. However, it isn’t immune to weathering. Typically, without proper care, concrete is likely to experience weathering. This occurs when, due to natural forces such as rain, sunlight, and frost, or pollution, the concrete experiences variation in its visual appearance.

Precisely, the concrete deteriorates thanks to dust deposition on its surface. There’s also a constant wash of certain areas leading to major differences in the concrete color. Even worse, fine cracks might emerge. Luckily, you can prevent the occurrence of this situation through various weatherproofing actions. For instance, observation indicates that curing compounds, epoxies, and linseed oil, among others, tend to make it more durable. Still, this is only half of the story. So, here’s how to prevent concrete weathering. 

1. Applying Oil and Paint

You can always apply oil and paints to increase the durability of your concrete surface. However, you’ll need to ensure you wait for at least a week before applying the treatment if you’ve got a new surface. Then, brush it using zinc chloride, phosphoric acid, and water in a solution of 16 gm, 40 gm, and 1 liter, respectively. This is to ensure that there’s no saponification of the linseed oil.

Now, ensure that the area is dry and clean. Then, apply the oil in two coatings as follows. 

  • The first coat is a mixture of fifty percent turpentine and fifty percent linseed oil. Then, ensure you heat it at 80 degrees Celsius. You can use any ordinary brush.
  • After 24 hours, apply a second coat of raw linseed oil. Like before, heat it at 80 degrees Celsius. 

Once the second coating is dry, apply two coatings of oil paint and standard white lead. This is to ensure that the oil treatment doesn’t deteriorate. You can add burnt or lamb black sienna to the paint to ensure it matches the concrete. Also, ensure you treat cracks by filling them up.

2. Applying Varnishes 

Another option is the use of varnish to improve the durability of the concrete. Over the years, varnish has been a vital tool to prevent the deterioration of various constructions. Today, it’s also applicable to concrete. They are quite effective against deterioration and attacks because of vegetable oils and minerals. 

All you need to do is get an applicable varnish. And there are diverse bituminous paints, mastics, and paints that you can use. They protect your concrete surface from acid attacks.

3. Applying Chemical Solutions 

You can also apply chemical solutions to help prevent weathering. There are various chemical solutions designed to give adequate protection against concrete weathering. They include:

Zinc Fluosilicate or Magnesium Solution: This treatment is quite effective against weathering. However, you’ll need to apply at least two coats of this compound to get the job done. For the first coat, all you need to do is get a 1kg solution and dilute with 10 liters of water. Then, for the second coat, you dilute 2kg with the same 10 liters of water. 

Now, for its application, you apply the first coat to your concrete surface. Then, you wait for it to dry. Afterward, you apply the second coat to it and wait for it to dry. Once you achieve this, you can then brush and wash the surface with water. Sodium Silicate Solution: This is a sticky liquid. As such, you’ll need to dilute it using water three times the solution’s volume. Then, you can apply it the same way as the solution above. However, it would be best to scrub the first coat with water before applying the next coat. It ensures that you get a stronger coat.